Roller Rush

If you like the game Diner Dash, then you will probably like Roller Rush. The game play is very similar yet the theme is quite different. Roller rush is based on the 50’s theme of drive-in dining. You play as a girl in skates and you need to serve as many customers as you can in order to achieve the money goal for the day. Achieving your goal gives you stars. You can then use these stars to purchase different upgrades. You can choose to immediately use up your stars on upgrades or you can wait for them to accumulate in order to get better upgrades. You can also get bonus points by completing a roll – same task done in succession. The longer the roll, the more money you get.

Roller Rush is a game of skill and strategy as well as fast reflexes. The game starts out easy, with good time spacing between customers. The higher the level, however, the more customers you get and the faster they come. There are different types of customers – some more impatient that others. You tend to get the more impatient ones at the higher levels.

The overall theme of the game is a treat, especially if you are into retro. You have a jukebox that plays music in the background throughout the game. It uses a default playlist. However, you can tweak the game and have the jukebox play your own mp3s stored on your hard drive! Now you can play and listen to music at the same time.

The graphics are not spectacular but they suit the game very well. They are pleasing to the eyes and different animations make for a good gaming experience. As opposed to many other games out in the market, the content is kid friendly. You have to be a little bit older than a “kid” to be able to beat the game, though. For the not-so-skilled players, there comes a point in the game wherein you just cannot seem to handle all the customers and earn enough money in a day. It’s either you step up or lose all your lives.