Computer Games

A keyboard, mouse and joystick are all you need to play computer games. You can add headphones and speakers to get sound. You can also go for driving wheels if you are playing racing games. You need the latest version of the Windows operating system to install computer games on your computer. However, game developers are trying to run computer games even on Mac and Linux operation systems. They are coming up with versions compatible with Mac and Linux programs. Before installing computer games on your PC, you have to make sure that your computer fulfills certain requirements to run the games properly. Memory, hard drive space, Internet connection speed, operating system, CPU speed and video card memory – all need to be in proper order so as to facilitate smooth and hassle-free installation of computer games.

Download Computer Games Before Deciding To Buy One

The Internet is not only a good source of information on about every subject. You will also find many sites that allow you to download new programs and other useful software that you can copy directly to your computer. It also offers files that contain videos, music and games. Before you can use these files, they first have to be copied to your hard disk. This process is called downloading. Webpages usually have links to downloadable files.


Bookworm is a very good alternative to some of the violent action games popular today. The goal is simple: spell words by linking letters found on the board. When you form a valid word, it will disappear and the letters above will go down. There are never empty spaces as new letters fill up the gaps on top of the board. The longer the word you form, the higher the score and the better off you will be. If all you can come up with are short words, then red tiles will appear. Th…