Playing Online Games Comfortably: Hands

One of the most important parts in having a good time online is making sure that you are comfortable. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is all too easy to forget to take a few basic precautions. If you really want to have a get time and set the new high score, then you should this.

The first thing you should take care of is your hands. Holding a mouse or hitting keys can cause a lot of persistent strain on your muscles. This is effectively what causes carpal tunnel syndrome as well, so you should definitely try and reduce the stress on your hands. Chances are that you’ll probably have a gaming session at an online arcade so prepare your surrounding to help your hand. If you are getting ready to play a shooter than you should position your hand for the least strain possible. For example, it is difficult to play arcade games for any length of time if your wrist is at a significant angle. You should keep your hand level with the mouse if possible. This can be done through several means. You can buy a nice mouse pad that has a wrist rest built in at the base, or you can just grab a standard paperback book and place it between you and the mouse. This is usually enough to keep your wrist relatively level with the mouse.

This is the first step to happy hands. You should now be able to play your favorite arcade games without getting sore. There are a few other ways to extend your flash game session though. You need to get in the habit of checking your grip. It is all too easy to get into the “DIE ALIENS DIE!!!!!” mode and forget that you are now apparently trying to strangle your mouse. It’s basic physics. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you are playing arcade games while trying to crush your mouse, the mouse will be exerting an equal force out onto your fingers. This can lead to some painful cramping and discomfort that will make you quit your game early.

It may seem like I’ve forgotten the keyboard arcade games, but I didn’t. The same basic rules apply to playing an arcade game with a keyboard. If you are racing are playing an online adventure game, then you’ll want to keep your wrists straight and your fingers relaxed. There are classes to teach perfect typing methods, but you don’t really need to type 70 words a minute to win an online race. Just keep your wrist out from your body and try not to rest them on anything. That really builds up stress while you’re playing.

All of these may seem to be a little nit picky, but you shouldn’t be quick to forget about them. Nothing is worse than your hand cramping up and costing you a win after you’ve spent 20 minutes getting to the last level. Just follow these basic tips and avoid 3 hour gaming sessions, and you should be fine. Now go get ‘em!