Diner Dash

Diner Dash is all about a young burnt out corporate employee named Flo. She gets tired of running the rat race and so opens up her own restaurant. You can play the game in two modes – Flo’s Career and Endless Shift.


Bookworm is a very good alternative to some of the violent action games popular today. The goal is simple: spell words by linking letters found on the board. When you form a valid word, it will disappear and the letters above will go down. There are never empty spaces as new letters fill up the gaps on top of the board. The longer the word you form, the higher the score and the better off you will be. If all you can come up with are short words, then red tiles will appear. Th…

Roller Rush

If you like the game Diner Dash, then you will probably like Roller Rush. The game play is very similar yet the theme is quite different. Roller rush is based on the 50’s theme of drive-in dining. You play as a girl in skates and you need to serve as many customers as you can in order to achieve the money goal for the day. Achieving your goal gives you stars. You can then use these stars to purchase different upgrades. You can choose to immediately use up your stars on upgrad…

Tradewinds 2

Tradewinds 2 is an adventure game wherein you get to sail to different ports and trade different commodities for money. Along the way you are bound to meet pirates who are out to get you. There are also ports which are inherently unfriendly so you need to capture them before you can dock. Your default ship can be loaded with a maximum number of canons and a variety of special ammunition. As the game progresses and you save up more money, you can opt to trade in your old ship …

Sony PSP

The ultimate handheld multimedia machine is what I call Sony’s latest gaming console. It is the best thing Sony has ever come up with so far. You can do almost anything with it!