Site Offers Free Xbox With Membership

Video games may be nothing more than evening diversions to most Americans, but the industry as a whole is a multibillion-dollar heavyweight. And now enthusiasts can play for free if they know where to look on the Internet.

NetFree Direct LLC, an Internet marketing company, provides a way for anyone who participates in advertisers’ offers on its site to get a free Xbox 360. Microsoft broke new ground in the video game business when the Xbox launched in 2001, and came back swinging last year with the wildly popular Xbox 360.

Simply by visiting NetFree Direct’s Web site, people can sign up by entering an e-mail address, answering a few simple questions and responding to advertisers’ offers. NetFree Direct works with leading sponsors such as BMG, Blockbuster, Netflix, Discover Card, USA Today and Disney.

And if you’re looking for a flat-screen TV with which to hook up your Xbox, NetFree’s site offers those for free, too. In fact, the site also offers free laptops, desktop PCs, mobile phones, PlayStations and other game consoles, digital cameras, gift cards and other popular electronics – all sponsored by leading advertisers.

The Xbox 360 offer is featured on the home page of the site with directions on how to become a member. After completing an advertiser’s survey or subscription, signing up for a free trial or applying for a credit card offer, the member is eligible to receive the free reward.

The trial offers or subscriptions can be canceled without obligation, but members will still receive the Xbox or other giveaways.