Role Playing on your Smartphone

Dungeons and Dragons, the very first role-playing game, was also the first game to be programmed on a computer. At those times, a computer was not a small box connected to a monitor or a TV. It was a room full of huge steel cabinets. These computers could only display text; they had nothing like billion color displays or surround sound of today’s PCs. Yet, role-playing games were still available in text-only mode.

Just imagine gameplay where a computer would print something like ‘You are in a dark room.’ You would type ‘Light lantern with match’, and the computer would reply with ‘This room appears to be a library. There’s a table with a crystal ball in the center. You also see bookshelves, ladder, and a door leading east.’
Was it fun to play? Sure, at the time, it was!

Luckily, modern role-playing games are very far from those of the early days of computers. Today’s computer fits in the palm of your hand, and today’s role-playing game displays pictures and animations, and produces realistic sounds to make the process even more fun!

Arvale: Short Tales by Handster is a great modern role-playing game. It’s small enough to fit even into the busiest person’s PDA, while sports crisp graphics and a dynamic sound track.

Unlike simpler Smartphone based role-playing games, Arvale: Short Tales includes not one but four unique stories with four unique characters to enjoy. (Spoiler: there is a hidden fifth character somewhere in the game!) You’ll get endless hours of fun and entertainment with free exploration of open-ended, quest-style gameplay.

Keep playing and relax with a carefully thought-out, simplified scoring system. Explore beautifully painted, stylish locations with hundreds of detailed maps. Meet friendly characters and mendacious monsters.

Enjoy the difference between night and day with unique available actions. Take multiple side quests, experience unique atmospheres, feel the ambience of the sound track. Have fun talking to the characters (some of them are hilarious!) Can’t get enough of it? Discover the special fifth character for even more Tales!