How to make your own Ghillie Suit

A Ghillie suit or otherwise known as ‘yowie’ suit is a type of clothing that resembles bushes. A Ghillie suit is most often used by snipers, hunters and even soldiers in battle as it keeps them from being sighted by their target as they blend well with the background thus they become invisible. This suit is typically made up of the same type of leaves and twigs found in the surroundings to blend well for the wearer to go undetected. These leaves and twigs are added to a one-piece coverall that acts as a Ghillie suit base.

With all the leaves and twigs added to the coverall, the Ghillie suit can get a bit heavy and the wearer, if not accustomed to wearing it yet, would feel uncomfortably hot. Ghillie suits are highly flammable as well if untreated with fire retardants. Those leaves and twigs are highly susceptible to catching fire and may burn the wearer if exposed to a fire-causing ignition which is also one reason why making your own Ghillie suit is not easy as all these probabilities have to be considered to ensure the safety of the wearer at all cost.

There are two ways of making your own Ghillie suits. First, you can buy Ghillie suit kits complete with everything that you would need in making your own Ghillie suits including fire retardant chemicals to avoid catching fires when triggers are present. Second option is to buy each item individually and make a Ghillie suit from scratch and adding each material one by one.

Militaries in combat are often entailed to make their own Ghillie suits as their surroundings may change and requesting for a new Ghillie suit may not always be an option. So, these militaries in combat make their own Ghillie suits but these suits are only meant for temporary use and they can quickly catch fire if they get too close to ignition sources.

If you wish to make your own Ghillie suit from scratch, you would need to spend days in making a high-quality suit that will effectively make the wearer seem invisible in his environment. And also, you would eventually spend much more by buying items that you would use but would end up using just a small fraction per item. Just imagine how much you would save if you purchase a Ghillie suit kit that is complete with no extra materials with absolutely no use to you. Why spend more if you have a cheaper, time efficient choice that ensures you’d get an excellent quality Ghillie suit?

With Ghillie suit kits, you would get a complete set of materials plus full instructions on how you would assemble your own Ghillie suit. Since it’s already complete and you are given an easy-to-follow instruction, you would save time and money. These Ghillie suit kits are of different designs and purposes. Your end product, once you follow the instructions carefully, would be exactly what has been guaranteed to you. You wouldn’t get the same satisfaction guarantee like this when you make your own Ghillie suit from scratch and the end result may even be useless and you just end up spending your money and time for nothing.

So why still take chances and spend more time and money if you could get great results by purchasing Ghillie suit kits?

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