Paintball Ghillie suits

Making a paintball ghillie suit follows many of the same steps as a normal ghillie suit. You must assemble it according to your surrounding and you must also make sure it blends. Nowadays many folk have decided to forgo the building of a good paintball ghillie suit in favor of pre-manufactured suits already covered in grass, leaves, and other twigs. The problem with this is that many of these will not match, and much of the added foliage is artificial, meaning it wouldn’t match even if you drug it behind a truck through the Paintball Park itself.

The best paintballing arenas are those in wooded areas that allow for easy camouflage and hiding. Such forest settings will always have an abundance of leaves and twigs, along with dead grasses, mosses, and other things to adorn your paintball ghillie suit. The right paintball ghillie suit is usually assembled beforehand and will have much of the groundwork laid. Even if you go to a different park it can be blended in through some simple steps of just adding local leaves, dirt, and mosses to it. You could take a ghillie suit from the red dirt of Oklahoma to the dirt in California and still remain invisible – all you need to do is get it wet, drag it through the dirt, and then replace any missing patches with local foliage.

The paintball ghillie suit that your enemy wears may be just as good – so be careful to look for any unusual patterns. Sometimes something will seem a little too green, or too brown. Watch it for movement. If you watch long enough you’re bound to see a slight up and down with each breath – and then you will know your enemies paintball ghillie suit. Also, when you are hunting for targets, and you have your suit in a superior condition, you can sneak up on those who are using poorly made paintball ghillie suits – such as those made from artificial foliage. Blast them away without revealing your position; and you will have a chance to get another without moving.

Paintball ghillie suits can become filthy, dirty, and smelly. That is a good thing, because you want your suit to smell like dirt, but if the odor becomes too strong you may consider wetting it down and freshening the dirt, or even using manure to hide the other smells. In all likelihood though, smell from it may actually hide your own, and your paintball ghillie suit becomes another kind of mask for you – a scent mask. Paintball ghillie suits can also hide items for you in pouches, or in other secret locations. Some people even make paintball gun paintball ghillie suits, so their gun is just as undetectable as they are, and they will remain unseen.

Just remember, when you’re putting together your paintball ghillie suit, you need to make sure it matches; you need to make sure it is hidden from sight and from smell, and you need to make sure you don’t have any missing patches. The ghillie suit you use in paintball can determine the outcome of the game itself.