How to Make a Toga

If you have been to a Toga party recently and you have enjoyed the alcohol, food, dancing and the enchanting ambience there, you are perhaps intrigued about how to make a Toga. Well, the internet has many resources on Toga making and you can read them all to have your own ideas.
The Roman Toga is a fascinating attire to keep you in fashion and warm all the year round. There is some dispute regarding the actual shape and size of this dress. Toga is made of wool but it can also be bleached into the colors you choose to wear.

For making a Toga, go to the store and buy some cloth that appeal to you. You can buy some bizarre designs if you want heads to turn at you. Take material that is five feet in width. You can fold it in half and then put it round your waist and then over and above the shoulder to drape it down.

Pin one end of the cloth to your waist. Wrap around once. It is supposed to hang to the knees. Then you pin it on the waist once more and around the back. You have to wear sandals long with this dress. This is the primary design for men. For females to use a wrap around Toga, other designs can be innovated. You can look like a geek or as smart. It depends on how you carry yourself after all. For fun, do you dare to carry a toy sword along? Go on, have fun!

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