How to download games, dvd, divx, movies

The most sought after and common content on the internet today games and media. With Games evolving from DOS to the MMORPG formats, so have the gamers. Every other day we see a new game or a new update or an add-on to any of the plethora games being released. The gamers who play that particular game start forming a beeline get the update. The same is applicable to all media content like music or video and movies in either DVD or VCD formats. As all of us know, movies and music will never cease to be produced and never cease to have a following.

These categories of software – games and media are certainly the most sought after, and the same time quite expensive, especially when the needs or wants evolve so frequently. To serve this purpose, a lot of download sites have come up that allow you to do download content at amazing speeds, much more than standard downloads. Many work on Peer to Peer file sharing technology and many others on their own customized technologies. However, many of these sites work on a subscription basis and are not very expensive.

Most of the websites claim to offer 250 times the normal download speeds. They offer a lot of free stuff along with unlimited Free Game Downloads, extensive databases and have their own internal search engines to find what you need. Most have content from various media formats and are rich in movies, TV shows, games and software. They offer good technical support. Almost all of these sites have an integrated downloading software and DVD and CD burning facilities.

The advantage with these sites is that they do not charge anything for each download. The subscription is charged monthly and that’s it. With a variety of paid sites out there and a lot of takers for this class of sites, the need for keeping it free is necessary but with the infrastructure costs hitting the roof, they charge a nominal subscription fee. For most of these sites, time bound access begins at $1.37 a month and lifetime access at $34.95. They are easy to setup and operate.

The fact that the latest games take about 2-3 CD’s (~2Gb) and a good quality DVD movie can go up to 8Gb makes the downloads a little time taking, this is taken care of by blazing download speeds offered by these sites. Most of the sites that offer these services are free of any viruses, Adware or Spyware thus making them safe to subscribe to.

These sites are the easiest means of getting the latest games and movies for free, only for a small subscription. The sites are continuously evolving by the day to keep the bandwidths free and have began to integrate other technologies apart from P2P, to make the downloads faster and safer.