How To Download Game Onto PSP In 5 Lightning Fast Steps

Do you need to learn how to download games onto PSP? We will show you how. The PSP is a wonderful electronic tool. The IPOD and the Zune thingy certainly have their fans, but for my money the PSP is simply the best tool out there. The only negative factor with the PSP is the expense of the games. This needn’t be too much of a problem, as there are ways to download game onto PSP without it being too expensive!

Download Game Onto PSP- The 1st Step
You may already know that PSP games are in the form of a UMD disc (Universal Media Disc?). As you can’t put downloaded games onto a UMD, you will have to store them on a memory card, or memory stick. These come in a standard 32mb size, but that is far too small to use with modern games. It is a good idea to get the biggest memory card you can afford. It need not be ridiculously expensive, as a 2 or 4 gigabyte card will do the job, and you will often find reasonable deals on these. A new memory card needs to be formatted to avoid problems in the future.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 2nd Step
The most important factor you need to know in downloading games onto PSP, is where you are going to download the PSP games from! The number of free download sites numbers in the hundreds of thousands. You need to be very wary of which site to choose, as a lot of these sites will give you downloads that will not work properly, often at incredibly slow speeds, and sometimes with malware attached. Stay away from these dishonest and dangerous sites. The only sites which can reliably be used for downloading free PSP games are the sites which charge a small fee at the start, which goes towards maintaining the site, and updating the available downloads. Once you have paid a small one off fee, you will have access to unlimited downloads.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 3rd Step
As you start to download, be sure the filenames have “PSP” at the end of them. Many of these sites will offer more than one format, so be sure that the download is for PSP before you waste your time! Don’t use one of the disreputable sites, or else you could end up downloading dangerous rubbish that is nothing like what you thought you were getting. These dishonest people will change filenames just to hoodwink people into downloading their own programs, so you need to be very watchful.

Download Game onto PSP- The 4th Step
Once you have the game on your computer, it will need to be transferred to your PSP. The memory stick you are using needs to be big enough to handle the game. What you must do is attach the computer to the PSP using a USB cable. Keep the PSP switched off until you have made the connection. When you switch the PSP on, the computer will hopefully recognise the PSP as a kind of removable drive, and it should be visible in “My Computer.” From there you just need to double click the PSP to gain access to its memory stick from the computer, and the game files can then be copied and pasted from the computer onto the memory stick of the PSP. One thing you need to know is that games must go into a file called PSP, and then one called GAME, so you need to have these folders on your machine. If you don’t, then create them first.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 5th Step
That is really everything you have to do to download games onto your PSP. As soon as the files are on the PSP you can launch them by opening up the GAME menu and selecting the game you want from the choices available. You can get error messages at this point, and these often happen because of incompatible firmware. This is not an unusual problem if you have downloaded homebrew files, but you can often solve it by downgrading the firmware on your PSP to one of the early ones.

So there you are. It is really quite easy to download game onto PSP. The most difficult part is trying to find a good site from which you can obtain your downloads. Enjoy searching!

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