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Love games and want a single location to stop and choose from over 2300? Access the myspace/online games at You’ll be overwhelmed. You can even add the games to your profile at the likes of Xanga, Friendster, Orkut and other locations. How simple is it? Just copy and paste the appropriate code at the page bottom and you have it.
So what exactly will you find when you visit red python?

First of all, the games are divided by categories to help you find the kind of game that you enjoy the most. Top rated games are listed first, along with categories that include random, action arcade, shooting, sports, puzzle, racing, other media, and video movies.

Not only do they list redpython’s library of games, but you’ll find links to the Xgames and other game sites, giving you more and more choices for entertainment.

If you’re not sure about the game and want to know more about it, many of the games have player ratings that tell what they liked, and didn’t, about a particular listing. This may help in narrowing your choices a little faster.

Here are just a sampling of the games you’ll find at For those of you who like a mental challenge, the puzzle section includes the math puzzle craze Sudoku. Test your powers of concentration as you try to figure out varying levels of this international favorite.

Or maybe you like a little less math and more logic. The ultimate jewel works somewhat like the popular board game Connects, in attempting to line up like jewels 4 in a row. It’s harder than it looks!

How about the sports nut out there? The worldwide favorite, soccer is there, along with other non-ball related sports, such as BraapBraap – the multi-player motocross game and Jetski challenge. Many of these games have 3-D imaging, giving it a more life-like and more exciting look. Are you a duffer? Play mini Putt Putt for your personal best or play in a worldwide competition mode. Many of the sports games allow you to play against yourself or join in a worldwide network of competition.

Picturing yourself as a Nascar circuit driver? In the racing category, there are lots of chances to test your skills. Crazy Loop or Whiskey Liskey might be for you. If you like a little more daring challenge, give the dirt bike racing a try. While you might take a few spills, no bandages will be required!

Maybe you’re a card shark. Play against the house or other competitors with the loads of card games available.
No matter what your game, you’ll be sure and find it at