Bigger And Better Sports Site

Sample of Improvement

This site is proof that Spanish speakers now have more options than they ever had before. This site can be found similar to other sites that feature sports and games information. After comparing them with other sites that offer similar information, I find very little difference. In fact, the layout looks suspiciously similar except that the main advertisements on the home page on games and sports are probably those that they sponsor. Each ad comes with descriptions about a line or two long. At least, they do not crowd the main page but gives the user enough time to take in the information without straining his eyes.

Neat Graphics

The graphics are just about right on its main page. One will not complain that it’s too extravagant nor is it too plain. However, once you start moving to other pages of this site, you will see less and less of it. In fact, you will just find that the pages are just plain texts and hyperlinks that lead you to other pages. The texts are not extremely long that most Internet users actually hate doing a lot unless you’re doing a research or something similar where you need loads of information to fill up pages of your own thesis.

Overall, it may not be the best you would see right now but it certainly serves the purpose of providing a good avenue for Spanish speakers a website that has most if not all the links they would ever when looking for important game and sports updates on game schedules, results and everything else. They have done most of the searching and checking and saved the results for you on a single website. Here it’s just a matter of clicking on what interests you the most. And if you want to get more, just go back to their page and click on other similar sites.

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