Got Game?

“Get in the game,” is taking on a whole new meaning. Advertisers are expanding their reach with in-game advertising, and we’re helping to develop new and creative ways to zero in on the specific markets that advertisers seek through the use of games.

Advergames have been around since the mid 1990s but not until a few years ago did the platform demand the attention from advertisers that it does now.

It’s clear that the game industry is booming across all demographics, and advertisers are becoming ever more attracted to their allure. Unlike traditional off-line media, promotional games produce trackable results such as the number of visitors, duration of visits, sales and more. The online trend for finding alternative ways to market to consumers is gaining momentum.

From a consumer standpoint, in-game advertising is less obtrusive than other online media formats such as pop-ups and pop-unders that often annoy Internet surfers. When users go online they are typically looking for relevant and engaging content. Games serve both of these needs.

Games aren’t just for kids; audiences of all ages become absorbed in the material and concepts that are being delivered through the use of games. According to Comscore Media, men ages 18-24 and women ages 45-54 are the fastest-growing segment of online players. As an advertiser, how do you plan on capturing your audience?

Game development is highly specialized. To profitably integrate a game into your company’s marketing mix, you need an expert with years of experience in game development with the know-how to promote your brand. You need a creative studio that is fully staffed with the technical talent, interactive mastery, experienced creative designers, animators and marketers for the one-of-a-kind game you want.

Silver Oaks develops specialized games for companies as a way to reach a wider consumer audience. Our game developers create a variety of games from brain teasers and product-specific games to interactive branding and casual games. You name it, we can create it!

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