Anime Online Transforms

Online anime has seen some amazing transformations in recent years. Due to the decreasing cost of anime production software, individuals are now able to develop amazingly creative stories and art. The anime community now has multiple outlets from which they can get a quick anime fix, anytime they want. This enormous consumption of new anime content has allowed the anime audience to interact with creators on a level never before possible. Feedback from viewers allows creators to develop plots and characters that the audience expresses an interest in. Creators can move away from traditional anime subject matter and move into more serious, thought provoking anime story lines using the medium. Or they can choose to tell stories that are more mundane with anime art, they need not stick with fanciful tales any longer. Distribution through the Internet will allow all types of new anime content to be accepted by a worldwide community.

While there will undoubtedly be anime creations that are solely out to shock and awe people to make money from online advertising, there will be new, truly creative works of genius that come from one or two person anime teams. Smaller anime outfits will be able to cater to hungry niches that exist on the Internet. And there is nothing wrong with paying these people for there time and creative output. This will truly allow anime to flourish and use its stunning visual imagery to attract potential viewers from all over the globe. While a niche may seem small on a local basis, compounded over a global audience, it can soon become relatively large. And this global reach will allow many new, small anime creators to show their work to the world. Because of the economics of distributing media online today, creators need not wait for a sizable demand before beginning work on an anime piece. They can create something, quite inexpensively, and release it to the world immediately. If there is demand, they can progress with the story line, if there is no audience interest, they can move onto something else.

And importantly, because anime is such a visual medium, there is no need for speech. An anime piece can convey its message with masterful facial expressions and drawings. That is what made anime popular in the first place, and is what will allow anime to thrive in a global environment. For instance, an anime about a child’s first day at school need not have words to tell a story. The ability of anime to tell stories that are full of emotion is well known, and is one of the reasons why it is so loved. Anime transcends language. Its visual nature can speak to an audience on any continent. The language of the creator can always be translated by the audience, if need be, and then what was once a piece of art that could only be understood by one people can be understood by another. And the translation can continue until the piece is capable of being globally recognized. This translation becomes a labor of love for anime fans and is no longer figured into the production expenses of a Japanese production company. Anime can now become the work of everyone.