Win Every Scrabble Game

While playing Scrabble or Literati, ever find yourself staring at a set of tiles, which you think should make a bingo word (i.e. you should be able to use all seven of the words), but you just can’t get it. E.g. lets say you get TNERKIH – this seems like a good distribution of consonants and vowels, and is likely to make a bingo word.

While you think about this set of letters, lets look into some of the tools which can help you solve the puzzle. One of the tricks most Scrabble players recommend is shuffle, shuffle shuffle… If you can’t think straight on a rack, shuffle couple of tyles and rethink, if still something doesn’t pop out, shuffle couple of more tiles.

One important thing to note is balance between consonant and vowels in your tiles. If you have less than two or more than four vowels you are most likely out of luck – unless there are tiles on the board that you can use very effectively.

If all else fails you can take refuse in an online anagrammer. One of the best Scrabble helper tools around is at Just key in your tiles and BINGO it will tell you all the words that can be formed. Not only that, the site will allow you to key in prefix and suffix for the words so you can use the results for a particular situation on the board.

Oh, if you got the tiles above, the bingo words that can be formed are

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