Smaller is Better: How the PSP Defied the Odds

When the PSP was first unveiled to the public, it looked amazing. The PSP was supposed to take portable gaming to an entirely new level, and Sony does seem to be achieving that. The obstacle against the PSP was not the design or games, but the fact that hand held gaming has always taken a back seat to actual full sized counsoles is what the PSP’s, and Sony’s, biggest obstacle were. The hand held gaming has always been the third cousin of game systems—he’s family, but not in the main group. Yet despite this, the Sony PSP has not only survived: but thrived.

The PSP has a system for graphics and games that is unparalleled among all hand held systems. It is designed to be a 3D system just as the past PlayStation systems were. When this was first released, Nintendo released their hand held system at the same time, and since appearance makes first impressions, the PSP looked fantastic right off the bat and made itself the hand held system every gamer wanted. On top of that, the PSP’s advanced graphic technology is completely head and shoulders above every other competitor that has come out. The wide screen format of the screen also looks fantastic, especially in games that feature a first-person and over-the-shoulder perspective.

Those graphics, in addition to the PSP’s beautiful appearance, are what gave the PSP its initial vault to the top of the hand held systems. While gaming companies have tried to figure out for years how to hurdle over gamers who were lukewarm at best towards hand held systems, Sony succeeded. They were the one company capable of designing such a good product that they could keep a gamer’s eyes glued to the system. Sony’s decision to make a system that also played music videos and DVDs has only increased the PSPs potential pool of fans, and kept this beautiful piece of technology in the mainstream while other competitors have fallen to the wayside. The PSP’s incredible gaming capacity allows for the design of games that could never even be considered by other hand held gaming systems, and continues with the promise that bigger and better games will continue to be produced for years to come.