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Dear Online Success Seeker,
The Internet has basically destroyed the buffer zone which used to shield organizations and companies from people, opinions, and competitors and ads. This used to allow relationships to be built, skills to be developed, and loyalties to be strengthened. Sounds great, right? Well, it was, but unfortunately, this information buffer zone is no longer in existence due to the Internet.
In a nut shell, it happens like this: You are doing well at the top of a good sized organization. You are making residual income now, around $25,000 a month, have built a new home, have a new car, and paid off all of your debt. For you, life is great, and couldn’t be better.
Well, it might not be able to be better, but it could get worse, and it happens all the time. The company changed their compensation plan a little, and one of your leaders is pretty upset about it. They then decide to go on to another company with the click of their mouse. They then send an email to thousands of his or her downline, upline, and sideline. What happened? He just destroyed many people’s businesses, cutting their checks in half, or more. Yes, this even includes your paycheck.
Think about it, the income you were using to pay your mortgage, car payments, investments, kids’ college fund, and retirement is all gone in a matter of minutes.
You may be thinking that you are o.k., as this hasn’t happened to you, but it will at some point, and your income is based on strangers you have never met. You don’t know their plans, their decisions, their family problems, or even illnesses, but your paycheck depends on what they do.
This is the way it is now on the Internet. Massive amounts of money can be destroyed overnight. Downlines can vanish because of false rumors or leaders who leave a company. Distributors can get distracted with promises of a bigger and better company to work for.
The sad thing is there is nothing you can do about it.
This is the sad reality of network marketing.
Today, the economics of MLM are changing. Ads that used to cost $500, now cost $3000. Email marketing is no longer alive. Retailing has been dead a long time, with recruiting being the focus instead of customer acquisition. This MLM industry does not offer much appeal to the white collar business man who makes a six figure income. They can’t see how they can replace that income selling vitamins and juice. No longer is the development of personal skill and a single system a focus. Now, it is a concept of trying something for a few weeks and a mentality that there will be magical tools that will do the work for you.
So what can network marketers do now?
It depends on what you want out of your business. Are you willing to deal with all of the negative things that come with this type of business? It doesn’t matter what company you go with, you will face the same negative challenges stated above. You won’t find a single product or plan that will fix it either.
It is not worth the time to have to explain why one opportunity is better than another, babysit, dealing with prospects who think $200 is to much to start a business, and dealing with the greed, hype, and fear of loss. There is a new concept for those who want something better. It is something called G.I.C. What is it? Generate Immediate Cash. This may just be the new revelation in the industry.
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