Online Poker Networks Comparison

What more of a thrill can we get than from playing poker? It is safer than trying to parachute out of a plane – but it can give us the same adrenaline rush and excitement. Every time you play poker you are trying your best to win the big money. You can get this kind of thrill at one of the nation’s top casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City – but sometimes we don’t always have the resources to play here. That is why online poker rooms were created. They make it easy for poker aficionados to play whenever they want and wherever they want.

The only problem that most players run into is trying to find the right poker site that deserves your money. There are hundreds maybe even thousands of online poker rooms waiting for you play – but not all of them have what you are looking for.

At Casinator they have visited many sites in order to give you an insight as to what you can expect. They have compact reviews on 25 of the top poker networks and list the best poker rooms from each network. In these reviews they will list the different features that are available on the site, how good their reputation is, how popular they are, the kind of tournaments you can join, and what kind of poker bonus they offer.

These reviews are informative because they are written by people who have actually played at the sites and experienced first hand all of the excitement or disappointment you can expect from it.
These top poker sites use special free poker software that you can download for free. It is an easy way for you to sample their site at no cost to you. Many online poker sites use the same free poker software also because it is easier for them.

The guys at Casinator will explain to you what to consider and how to choose the best free poker software that is provided by each of the poker sites and why it can be useful to you. Once you have chosen the site you would like to play at you can connect right to it from their site. They understand how important it is to find an online poker room and that poker players often do not have enough time to go through long reviews and that is why they have made such a simple but at the same time complex side by side comparison of the best online poker networks and software they use.