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World of Warcraft Accounts – Buy And Sell Guide Here

A Guide for People Buying MMORPG Virtual Goods

If you’re one of the many people who play MMORPG games, then you know that earning points isn’t always what you need to get the required edge in any game. Sometimes you need equipment and other important items to get the job done and contest with the best of the lot.

There is a quick way to getting what you need and usually this is through the purchase of MMORPG Virtual Goods and Services from sellers who offer them for purchase.

However, buying can be a risky process as you’ll probably be spending some real-world money, so you have to ensure you are well protected in any transaction with a seller of Virtual MMOPRG Goods or Services.

Keep the Security

One of the most important and easy things to do is to get the phone number of the seller and negotiate on the phone instead of through e-mail and online messengers (most good sellers will want to contact you via telephone if its the first transaction you do with them and be cautious about the ones who dont).

Phone transactions are great because most scammers will refuse to make transactions on the phone, it is a very crucial step to avoid getting scammed.

If your using paypal to complete the transaction only send money to verified paypal users. You as a buyer are more protected by paypal and you should always complete the transaction through that.

Avoid sending money via western union or the mail.

Verify the Seller

You should also make sure that you meet the character in the game before you make any trades, never accept character sheets as the sole proof of account existence.

Trading for a frozen account is an absolute no-no and should be avoided at all costs. When trading for accounts, you should have the e-mail registered to the account, have the answer to the secret question and know the name on the account as well.

If the game allows it then make a new account and transfer the character to that new account.

Stay smart and you will have no problems as there are alot of excellent traders out there who will do you good deals and not scam you.

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Leveling Character Vs Buy Account

Why spend valuable time leveling a character to 70 when you can just buy WoW accounts instead?

Think of it like this, you’re someone who already has a toon at a high level, so understands the game mechanics already but needs a 70 in a rush. Or perhaps you’re trying WoW for the first time and have read up on game mechanics and methods of play?

There isn’t much point struggling on to level to 70 using valuable playing time when you could be doing high-level instances and raids, or indulging in PvP at WoW’s highest level like so many others do.

Leveling can be fun of course, but the tedium quickly overtakes the fun aspect and particularly now that it is harder to level from 60-70, it’s like monotony to 60 followed by real hard graft for the last ten levels.

By buying a WoW account online you’re helping yourself and providing you choose a reputable dealer, you can ensure a speedy and efficient service at a good price.

Keep Updated your Game

Don’t forget the impending new expansion too, players will be able to get up to level 80, and what faster way to do it than having a level 70 ready for precisely that?

A new class and profession mean more WoW fun and if you have a level 70 all ready, you can help yourself to get more ingame gold in order to speed up the progress of your next toon.

Buy World of Warcraft accounts and join the new era of speed gamers who want the most out of the game!

Bring the fun back into the game instead of the responsibility you’d normally feel to level up as soon as possible.

Once you’ve experienced the grafting it takes to get to 70 once, you shouldn’t have to keep doing it!