Backgammon Online

The history of backgammon, the oldest known board game, is an interesting one that began almost 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Numerous variations of the game were adopted by other cultures throughout the history of backgammon. Archaeologists continue to discover many similar games in the ruins of ancient civilizations as they explore the intriguing history of backgammon.

Backgammon early game strategy

In backgammon you need to be able to alter your play in a blink. Occasionally you will have to restrain yourself from attacking and build your game, other times you’ll need to attack full steam. In the very beginning of the game you need to be aggressive, fast and straightforward. If you can reach your early game targets it’ll help you a lot later on.

The Doubling cube

In backgammon the doubling cube is used to increase the stakes during the game. The doubling cube is a relatively new addition to backgammon but it elevates the game to a new level in terms of strategy. It is important that you know the concept and strategy elements related to the doubling cube because it might be your key to great success.

Introduction To Online Backgammon

Online play is not much different from table play. Both sides have the same pieces, dice, and game board. To play online a game site must be located. However, that is easy to find. Most sites are free to play on but registration is required. Depending on the site, you can play against a computer or other opponents…