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Trivia Mania – A Quiz Game Review.

Description of Trivia Mania Game

Game of test questions to test your knowledge on different subjects or topics, mental challenge for all.

You can change the structure of the tests by selecting the type of questions to improve your knowledge in a certain field.

New Categories and questions added periodically.

Categories in this quiz style game


More than 150 questions for each subtopic.

  • Cities
  • States
  • Continents


More than 100 questions for each subtopic.

  • Atomic number
  • Types of elements
  • Date of discovery

If you have any suggestions to include more topics of your choice, let me know in the comments.

Game mode

The game consists of a series of questions on a topic of your choice. You can decide the theme of the questions and the number of questions you want to answer and the game will configure itself to generate the test.

You can see some of the game screens in the following images that describe how to configure it in a simple way.

  • Select in Options the types of questions.

  • Press Play on Main Menu.

  • Select the number of questions to answer.

  • When you finish you will have the results.

  • Read the question and select the correct answer.

  • If you answer correctly, it will show you a correct screen.

  • If you answer wrongly, it will show you an error screen where it will indicate which was the correct answer.

  • When the game is over it will show you the results of your test.

Download Trivia Mania Quiz Game

Trivia Mania

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