WoW Tips And Secrets For Making The Gold You Want

World of Warcraft is an amazing MMORPG with over 10 million subscribers as of January 2008 and has been providing a fun filled gaming experience to all of those who play it since 2004. As with anything though – money makes the world go around and World of Warcraft is no exception.

There are many ways to make or earn gold in WoW – you can craft, enchant, mine or even kill monsters for it. The game is so extensive it is possible to graft hard and earn a fortune, however, many players are now purchasing World of Warcraft gold instead, to save the hard slog and spend more time doing the pursuits in game that they enjoy more.

Bags are a must in WoW. The more bags you have, the more you can carry – the more you can carry, the more gold you can make! Simple! The problem is though, bags are expensive and although they can be crafted by tailors they often require materials that are either very expensive, or hard to get hold of. This is one of the reasons that many players end up buying World of Warcraft gold online to get them started.

Enchanting is another very profitable exercise in WoW. By ‘disenchanting’ magical items, it is possible to get a material from it, which you can use to make another item more valuable or alternatively just sell it instead of using it. These materials are hard to get hold of though and certain ones earn more gold than others, so many end up buying World of Warcraft gold to buy the materials to enhance their Enchanting skill faster, or to enchant that special item to make their character stronger, or faster in combat.

I want to share with you world of warcraft players a technique I use to generate thousands of gold with only a level 1 alt character in World of Warcraft. The secret is a U.I addon called auctioneer. Many people buy gold or spend hours grinding which is just not fun. Once you get auctioneer, here are the simple steps you can take to generate all of your gold

The first thing you want to do is create you alt and run him or her to Orgrimer or the main city by you with an Auction House. With your main you want to start your alt off with a tiny bit of cash, anything from say 50 silver to 2 gold. Now your U.I add on will be installed and ready to go. You go to the auction house and click on an auctioneer character. The first screen will pop up and you will click, SCAN. What this does is scan every single auction that is up for sale! Nice little trick.

Now that takes about 2-3 minutes. When that is finished you go to browse auction tab. What I do to find instant profits is select item by BUYOUT, and at least 1 gold profit. I then search the items and order them by sale price with the cheapest items at the top. There are usually about 10-20 items under 1 gold that will get you 2 gold profit!

Start buying the items that get you at least 1 gold profit and it will start steam rolling from there. After a while you can start buying items for 20g getting you another 20 gold profit. A very simple and easy trick or secret to world of warcraft! Enjoy.