World of Warcraft Horde Guide Using Joana’s Guide Optimally

I’m not some twelve-year old kid on summer vacation or a retiree with way too much time on his hands. I’m a full-time, full-family, full- well, I’m just full! I don’t have much time in the day to spend on myself so when the opportunity arises I make sure I don’t squander it. If I’m lucky enough to get that time playing World of Warcraft, I find that using a guide like Joana’s Horde Guide is a must.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love experiencing things on my own at first. I didn’t use any help in the first year of playing World of Warcraft and sometimes it was difficult. It took me forever just to get out of my rag clothing and it was a painfully slow progression, but I did gain a greater sense of accomplishment doing it on my own. However, these days, if I’ve wasted an hour just trying to find a ‘Ghostclaw Lynx’ and all I see are ‘Springpaw Lynx’, I’m wasting my time (time that, again, is very precious to me). If I’m lost on a quest, I save the frustration and reach for Joana’s Horde Guide and the problem is solved. Most of the time, I find that I was completely off from where I should have been and would have just wasted more time (and probably would have damaged a keyboard along the way). Quests can be confusing and sometimes being befuddled in World of Warcraft is simply a matter of being lost in the grand world of Azeroth.

In the grand size of this game, one thing has probably become very clear to you: you will be spending many minutes a day simply running around, flying around, riding around, and galloping around (and did I mention running around?). I don’t even want to know how much time I’ve spent on my highest-level characters just on transportation. This is where a guide can be very helpful. My absolute favorite thing about using Joana’s Horde Guide is the efficiency of it. The guy who wrote it has made many level 60 characters in record time (4 days and 20 hours to be exact) so he lists exactly where you need to go, how you need to do it, and most importantly, the best ways to get around. Trust me when I say that nothing will get you to level 70 faster than knowing the best ways to get from point A to point B without backtracking all over Blizzard’s green earth.

Speaking of backtracking, have you ever started a new character in the same area that you’ve done before, only to not even remember how to do some of the quests you’ve completed once, twice, or more? I’m no spring chicken and maybe memory really is the first thing to go, but I don’t want to ‘explore’ things that I’ve already explored. If I want to try playing a Blood Elf Priest and I’ve already played a Blood Elf Rogue, I can pick up Joana’s Horde Guide and get my new character leveled up ultra fast by sidestepping my exploring side and instantly gratifying my must-get-one-more-level side.

That one-more-level feeling is what makes World of Warcraft so addictive. Likewise, sometimes the feeling of hopelessness in reaching your next level is what makes a guide like Joana’s Horde Guide so necessary. If you’re short on time in the real world but you know your way around World of Warcraft you won’t be disappointed in getting a good guide like this. And if you’re looking for the most efficient way to power level your second, third, or thirtieth character to the top, Joana’s Horde Guide will give you the gift of getting there in record time.

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