The best game site recomended The game is situated here and it is one of the best i have played . So I thought why not tell others about it .Please go to that site if u have a dsl higher than 256kbp/s
otherwise you will be wasting your time .It takes a little time in loading but ounce you are loaded you are ready to rock . There are 4 levels in this game . 1st lvl contains 3 primary attacks .2nd lvl 3 more attacks with increase in health .3rd you are one of the gods of the game 3 more attacks + more health .And the chatting side by side really rocks.But there is one problem when you abuse ++++ this covers the word so you have to put a dot in it .And i will not recommend you to use harsh words.

Now for the moves

1>to move your player you have to drag your player anywhere in the red area till the clock is shown on the top of the page.

2>to attack you have to hit the stars .when you will scroll on each star it will give you the attack are shown in red .

Hurry play this game. And be the part of it.

submitted by aman & the guys
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