Rummikub Game

Rummikub is a very popular classic game that combines luck and player skills. This fast moving game provides hours of fascinating play that brings many families and friends together. Rummikub is a unique game that brings together some of the most popular features of a number of well-known games such as Mahjongg, Dominoes, Gin Rummy, Kalooki and even chess. Rummikub is a game that holds the attention of the people playing stimulates your imagination and challenges your wits, all while having a great time playing it.

There are three basic games that can be played with the Rummikub set. This variety means that the whole family can play Rummikub, either to teach the children one of the basic variations, or you can play amongst adults to really challenge your intellect. The easiest of the three games can be learned in just few minutes, and will eventually lead the way into the more intriguing and complex versions. One of the best things about the Rummikub game is that you can tailor any game to meet the needs of the people playing it. That means you can play with 2 people or 4 people, it doesn’t matter which because you can set your own table rules, as long as all other players agrees to them in advance.

Rummikub is played with tiles which are arranged and rearranged on racks and on the table to for winning combinations. The tiles are made of special plastic composition that makes them unbreakable and impossible to “mark” making this game completely cheat proof. They are
heavy, making it a popular outdoor game because they will not blow away on a breezy day. You can play on a picnic table, at the beach, or even on a boat, which is just one of the many reasons this game has become as popular as it has.

Rummikub is an international game that was conceived about 70 years ago in Romania, but has gained in popularity all over the world. Now it has become quite a classic game, with people continuing to buy it and play it on the regular board version or play Rummikub online against people around the world in the internet. The appeal of the game makes it contagious among “newbie’s” and almost addictive to the people who play Rummikub all the time.