Online Gaming – The Basics

The popularity of digital gaming be it tetris, super Mario, ping pong and other flash based games or massively multiplayer online role-playing games that can be played for free knows no bounds, either in terms of age or gender.
It is equally popular with youths, teenagers, women, men, children and old people. While younger ones play it just because they are young and anything offering them some entertainment attracts them, older people say they play games as it alleviates loneliness and puts them in contact with others.
Statistics reveal that 41% of gamers are women and more than 43 % gamers are aged 25-49. The growth potential on online gaming is tremendous. According to prestigious research firm IDC, online gaming is set to touch a whopping 256 million users by 2008.
Types of Games
Games played on digital media can be of two types, stored games and online games. While stored games are played on consoles, online games are played on a computer using either a broadband or dial up Internet connection. However, consoles with Internet capabilities are now in the market.

Let’s see why digital gaming is getting so popular. Firstly, it captures the imagination of the players and makes use of all the senses: sight, sound, as well as touch. Many games need the use of intelligence as well as strategy. Complex graphics, colors, high quality virtual realities are all there to hold you on your seat and keep playing. Multi-player gaming takes the interest to the next level where challenges as well as new horizons are there to be conquered.
Online games are available to be played
• Using e-mail.
• On a browser window by using a web address.
• Using Internet Relay Chat, Telenet, MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) client, or a Web based forum.
• With or against one another using stand-alone software.
System requirements

Following are must to enjoy an online game:
• A reliable Internet connection.
• A personal computer or game console.
• Selected software required by specific games.
One can play simple tetris, super Mario,online ping pong and other flash based games or massively multiplayer online role-playing games for free. The last category is simulation games – these imitate real-life situations and cover aspects like combat, city planning, strategies, as well as flight simulation.

Optimize your system

For serious gaming, the computer performance must be optimized. Following steps can be taken to do that:
• Do run the disk defragmenter at least once a month.
• Correct folder and file errors by using scandisk once a week for trouble free performance.
• Clear your hard drives of Internet files, temporary files, as well as files in the trash/recycle bin. Clear the cache and uninstall programs that are not in everyday use. The aim is to clear precious cache and RAM space.
• Keep updating the operating system software.
• Download any new security patches.
• Keep video drivers updated.
• Make use of a back up system to clear space on the hard drive.
• Get rid of any spyware you have inherited from websites.
• To avoid games from slowing down, minimize number of programs running while you are playing a graphic intensive game.
• Run an anti-virus program regularly but disable it when you are loading/playing games. Antivirus programs slow down games.
The Internet allows gamers to compete with people across oceans, on the other side of the world and anywhere on the earth. Some use PCs while others use consoles. What you would like to use depends on your personal choice and issues like costs and so on.