Mass Wyvern Double Expand

Mass Wyvern is Weak for Early Game.

Also, while waiting for the wyvern, your heroes have little to do and don’t creep well.

A good strategy is then to combine it with strategies that good early on but bad in late.

That is towering.

So, quickly build tower for expansion. I learn this from Wilma Flinstone.

Then proceed as usual.

For the second hero, we can use the Tauren Chieftain. The number of peon can be 13-14.

First hero is the usual far seer.

Buy a lot of items to enchance your hero. It’s your hero that will mainly do the killing. Is 3 hero a good idea? Haven’t tried.

If the enemies use a lot of anti air, the Tauren Chieftain is a good counter. Tauren Chieftain Storm Ground can make the enemies ground to air units do nothing.

Your Far Seer, can make wolves and cast Chain Lightning often.

Now, often, the enemy will have pesky Dreadlord doing sleep.

Here is a secret of sleep. When you are sleeping, command the farseer to do what you want to do anyway. For example, say you want your Farseer to do chain lightning. Command him to do chain lightning anyway.

If the sleep level is low, chance is your Farseer will wake up soon. Once he wake up, he will automatically do the chain lightning you command.

Chance is the cool down for chain lightning will be about the same with the cool down for the sleep. So, the sleep really does nothing.

If the sleep level is high, command the Farseer to do the chain lightning anyway, and then tell one of your unit to attack the Farseer. The unit will only attack the Farseer once.

Hero don’t sleep too long.

Now, tower creeping, can also be combined with tower expand. That means more wyvern. Perhaps, some taurens?

Check the replays.