Level 1 to 20 in World of Warcraft

Starting off: 1-20

1. You’ve just entered the world of warcraft, and you’re level one. You aren’t really worried about money right now so just pick up a lot of quests to start.

2. Finish up quests, and when you have depleted the entire starting area of quests you should have leveled considerably! Hurray for you, also some of your starting quests have made you, that’s right, GOLD.

3. Leave the starting area, gather a few quests, and train because you have the money.

4. Do every quest you’ve gathered, and along the way to speak to that npc or find that mob of raptors, kill some experience giving monsters, or luckily humanoids!

5. You’ve started a cycle, gather, grind, complete, and it is a money maker.

6. When you hit level 15 you should have an instance possibility! (for horde, for alliance it is Deadmines at level 17 or so.)

7. (This consists of alliance directions to deadmines.) Ok if you are a human, lucky you, if not, well… Night elves- (Get a hearth to auberdine before doing this, it helps) Hopefully by now you have been to ironforge, or better, stormwind! if you haven’t been to IF then you need to travel to Auberdine (level 12+ place should be grind-questing by now.) and take the boat on the right to menethil harbor. Spoiler, this place is your friend!

Now you MUST follow the road all the way to Dun Morough or you will die by crocolisk! Then follow the road to IF. Take the deeprun tram to stormwind, and get through stormwind head south down the road close to goldshire, then get to westfall. (BTW get in a good guild asap, they can help.)

Go to sentinel hill and then get the quests from the shiny armor man stading dead center of the entrance. You will get massive xp and finishing the chain will help.

Night elves have the farthest journey, dwarves and gnomes take the tram, humans just walk.

8. Repeat doing the deadmines as much as you can, this is called harvesting. Harvest until you have made one gold!

9. Congratulationss, you have made one gold!

10. You should nearly be level 20 by now, or close to being close.

11. Grind on Defias people on the gold coast, until you have made a level.

12. Find a grinding spot that suits you (get quests from Westfall until it no more appeases you, or helps whatsoever).

13. This is power leveling and money making at the same time, it makes a strong character later on, trust me, it is tedious.

14. Thank you for reading and using my guide to level 20, and a semi rich character. Stay away from gold farmers! Be safe on the net!

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