Get Internet On PSP

You may not know that a PSP can pick up free wireless internet! So many users are blissfully unaware of what their machine is capable of, but it can be quite easy to set up if you know what to do! This guide will tell you exactly how to get internet on your PSP!

You will need to obtain two essential needs before you can start surfing the web with your PSP. You must be able to get some form of wireless internet source. It could originate anywhere, either from within your own home or in your local Starbucks, you just need to be in an area where the internet is available. Psp wireless settings adhere to the 802.11b wireless networking protocols, probably the most common anywhere, so virtually any wireless network connection will work for this. You will also need to get hold of a copy of Wipeout:Pure, which you need to get internet on your PSP.

Ready to start? Now we will start to learn how to get internet on PSP!

Step 1- Switch on the PSP and go to the System Menu, and then enter “Network Settings”. Go from there to “Infrastructure mode”, and select a connection to edit. Select your home connection if you already have one set up. Don’t alter the name of the profile, keep it as it is, and leave the WLAN settings alone if they are already set up.

Step2- Go into “Address Settings” click on “Custom” and make sure you leave “IP Address Setting” as Automatic. If you adjust this, you could have a lot of trouble getting internet on your PSP!

Step 3- Go into “DNS Setting” and click on manual. Here we need to enter the address of our web gateway. For this, the most popular one to use is the gateway at Endgadget, so enter the numbers “” as the Primary DNS IP, and put zeros for the Secondary DNS IP. ( If this gateway doesn’t work for you, you can find alternatives by doing a quick search engine search.

Step 4- In the “Proxy Server” options, select “Do Not Use” Once you have done this, you just need to confirm everything, and when you are prompted to, save it all by pushing X.

Step 5- Launch Wipeout:Pure in the usual way, and go into the Downloads menu. As soon as you are asked to pick a connection, select the one that you have edited in the earlier steps, and you should find the Endgadget web screen right in front of you. That is how it is done! How to get internet on PSP!

As long as you have access to the resource mentioned earlier, it isn’t difficult to get the internet on your PSP. When you have managed to get access to it, you will realise what a useful feature it is!

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